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Rick's Animal Corner

The story of Ben who became Ben Hurr

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                   "Ben Hurr"  

In March 1978 when I was 10 years of age, my dad found a box of puppies that were only a few weeks old. My dad brought one home & we called him “Ben”. A few weeks passed & it was time to take him to the vet for vaccination. We soon learned that this pup was a pointer x rather than a terrier as we first though. Further, more, we learned that “Ben” actually turned out to be a she. Before long, she became “Ben Hurr”. However, she grew very quick & became boisterous. We kept her until September 1979 when she was over a year & a half old. We handed her over to Dog Aid Society & I understand there was a small fee of about 5 for the service. I remember two men came to collect her on a Friday about mid morning. The men took her away to her new home in a van. I was hoping she wouldn’t settle into her new home hoping we would have her back. It seems like she did settle as we never saw her again. I have always been curious to know what ever became of “Ben Hurr”. Did the owners change her name? Did they keep her for the rest of her life & did she live until a very old age? I wonder what sort of family she went to live with. I seem to remember she wasn’t spayed when we gave her up & I wonder if the new owners had her spayed or if she had pups of her own.


               "Ben Hurr", I'm sure you had a happy life until the end!

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