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Rick's Animal Corner

Do animals show remorse?
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The Story of Fidget the Rottweiler
In Sickness & in Health
Do animals show remorse?
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Ben Who Became Ben Hurr
Your Responsibility to Animals in your care under Welfare

Yes, I think so. We used to have a mongrel black & tan dog with a slightly curly coat called “Rona”. It was in 1975 when I was just 7 years old; I was teasing her with a bone she clearly didn’t want. I teased her to the point she growled at me a few times & each time she growled louder & louder in her annoyance. I became scared & ran away thinking she might bite me. Later that evening, she came over to me & she would not go to any one else. She seamed upset as she was making soft whining noises & she was showing a lot of affection towards me. In return, I made a fuss of her. Yes, I’m sure she was trying to ask me, Are we friends now? or words to that effect & it’s like she was saying, “Sorry”. In my own way, I said I was sorry to her for teasing her & I think she knew it. So Yes, I think animals do show remorse. Therefore, we should never forget that animals have feelings like us. 

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